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ABA Health Services covers Maryland.

Out Patient Mental Health Services

The philosophy of Aba Health services is that mental health problems are public health problems and by providing certain public health support to a predisposed individual and family in their community, that the individual could improve and become an effective and contributing member of the community. Towards the management of their health, people have the right and duty to participate individually and collectively in the planning and implementation of their health care.

Outpatient Mental Health Services at ABA include therapeutic behavioral services (TBS), psychological testing, psychiatric rehabilitation program, therapy, and psychiatrist services.

Psychiatric Visits
We provide medical and clinical services that include initial and concurrent psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and follow-up for mental health issues.

To set a schedule, please call 410-367-7821 or when feasible Set an Appointment online. Sometimes there is a waiting list. Walk-ins are not encouraged. Patients are advised to arrive 10 minutes before their appointment as we have a strict late policy. An appointment could be subject to a reschedule if the client arrives at least 15 minutes late.

Mental Health Therapy and Counseling

Aba understands the complexities of human life and we know how difficult it is to deal with it on your own. We apply public health principles in offering mental health therapy services to address the wide range of issues that could interfere with your productivity, functioning in the community, and more. The services include history, psychiatric diagnostic and evaluation, psychotherapy (individual, family, group), treatment plan.

We are committed to your psychological concerns and our services are provided by licensed/certified mental health professionals. During sessions, our clinician provides an interactive discussion of your concerns and options for intervention or treatments.

Services may include but is not limited to:

  • Anger Management
  • Eating Disorders
  • Grief Counseling
  • Parenting Classes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Communication Skills Classes
  • Patient Education
  • Anxiety
  • Life Skills Education
  • General Counseling
  • etc

Should you have any questions or if you require more information, kindly give us a call at 410-367-7821. When feasible you may also Set an Appointment online to schedule a visit.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Do you know someone who could use some help in their recovery? Aba Health Services has a program for substance abuse treatment that includes detoxification, behavioral counseling, medication evaluation and individualized treatment for addiction.

We work with individuals who have serious addictions to drugs and alcohol and help them in deviating from destructive habits or behaviors. We have counselors or therapists who can also treat co-occurring issues related to one’s mental state like clinical depression or anxiety disorders.

If you know someone who has already become drug dependent and whose quality of life has continuously deteriorated in just a short span of time, refer to them our counselors at Aba Health Services.

Psychological Testing

We also accept offers for psychological testing services. Aba Health Services offers a series of tests that can assess a person’s intellectual, social and emotional functions. Our services also include school achievement testing as well.

The different types of assessment include but is not limited to:

  • Intelligence Testing
  • Public Safety Employment Tests
  • Attitude Tests
  • Achievement Testing
  • Social-Emotional and Personality Evaluation
  • Projective Tests
  • Objective Tests
  • Neuropsychological Testing

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

Aba Health Services also offers therapeutic behavioral services for children, teens and young adults. TBS could complement the other services that we provide to minors who need more in-home services. TBS helps to mend the relationship between the patient and the care provider, to avoid the patient being placed in a higher level of care or institutionalized in residential treatment facility, and TBS allows them to live at home with their family.

TBS services include Initial assessment and development of behavioral plan, reassessment and development of new behavior plan, EPSDT health and behavior intervention.

Our services may include but is not limited to:

  • Development of behavioral plan
  • Self-management interventions
  • Self-awareness
  • Communication skills improvement
  • Positive reinforcement of good behaviors
  • Transition plan

Should you have any questions or if you require more information, kindly give us a call at 410-367-7821. When feasible you may also Set an Appointment online to schedule a visit.